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Cosmetic Dentures

Cosmetic Dentures

Discover the best alternative to dentures

Cosmetic dentures are used to enhance your aesthetic appeal. Cosmetic dentures are performed to close the gaps between your teeth, improve the existing denture, replace the missing teeth, etc. The cosmetic denture can be the best alternative to dentures. Cosmetic dentures are made mainly from acrylic or cobalt chromium. Chromium cosmetic dentures are used when there are some teeth remaining. Flintridge Dental Group in Flintridge, California specializes in offering the best service of cosmetic dentures. Usually, a complete denture is made from gum-colored acrylic. A cosmetic denture is a non-invasive procedure and anyone in good medical health can have a denture set made. There is only one requirement for practicing cosmetic dentures and that is healthy gums.

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There is also an alternative in the absence of healthy gums that is dental implant cosmetic dentures.

Flintridge Dental Group utilized the latest technology to provide you with the highest quality of cosmetic denture service. Our cosmetic denture practice can give you the best alternative to dentures and this makes us the top cosmetic dentists in California.

Life Changing Cosmetic Dentures

When you have the gap in your teeth or missing teeth, and you are becoming more conscious about your smile, there is only cosmetic denture that can resolve your problem. People often start changing their behavior in front of others if they suffering from such problems. People even loses the confidence to smile. At this stage, Flintridge Dental Group is to solve your all problems and make you confident to smile that you deserve.

We provide you with the outstanding cosmetic care while saving your thousands of dollars.

What makes us different:

  • Utilization of latest technology
  • Virtually painless treatment
  • Less swelling treatment
  • Treatment in fewer dental visits
  • Lowest radiation dose on x-ray
  • Familiar with all the latest techniques
  • Offer all the care you need
  • Saving your thousands of dollars

We offer cosmetic denture service to generate dental facial esthetics. We can restore your entire bite and allow you to smile whenever you want to.