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White Fillings

White Fillings

Tooth Color Fillings

We have the experience and expertise to bring the advanced dental techniques that required in ‘White Fillings’. White fillings or tooth color fillings that not only look great but make your teeth enough healthy to function properly. White fillings are used to treat the decay problem. Sometimes, white fillings can be practiced to remove the old silver fillings.

What Is A Cavity? & Why Did You Get One?

Cavities are the holes in your teeth and the reason behind the cavity is decay. You can sometimes spot a cavity, as the area surrounding the hole generally looks dark brown or gray.

The major reason for the cavity is certain types of bacteria occurring in your mouth. These bacteria are contained in plaque and they interact with the carbohydrates and sugars in your food creating an acidic environment that dissolves the protective enamel on the outer layer of your tooth.

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Once the acid in your mouth start eroding the enamel and your tooth is exposed then it becomes the real cause of formation of the cavity in your mouth. At this point, the decay process rapidly speeds up and spreads deeper into the tooth. Consequently, the decay grows very deep and reach the nerve canal.

Composite Fillings (White Fillings or Tooth Color Fillings)

Composite is the material of choice which simply means that it is filled to match your tooth color. Composite fillings contain plastic and glass particles. Composite fillings or tooth color fillings are the most popular materials as they easily match with your existing tooth color.

After the removal of decay, cleansing get is applied to your tooth. Then we apply a bonding solution and then composite filling material. In this process, the composite is hardened by the high-intensity blue light. This light takes hardly few seconds to harden the materials.

Once your tooth is filled and the composite becomes hard, your dentist will check again to ensure the function, shape, and look. After doing the necessary adjustments, your fillings are completed.

Do you need White Fillings or Tooth Color Fillings?

It is necessary to have white fillings to treat your cavity when the decay is there in your mouth. Decay can eventually grow and can be in your nerve canal. And yes, this can be as painful as it sounds. It can also lead to more serious problems such as infection or abscess. But white fillings give you a better look after treating your decay problem. Only White fillings can remove the unaesthetic appearance caused by decay.

A white filling can also be performed to fix a chipped tooth and give you a filling that matches your tooth color.

To avoid the root canal, you must visit your dentist before it is too late to treat. If you are suffering from pain, discomfort, or possible tooth loss then you should not wait to have the cavity filled in your teeth. And it could also cost you a lot more money to fix. The bottom line is you should get your cavity filled as soon as you can.

New Composite Filling Expectations

After the white filling procedure, it is common to have some discomfort. To make this discomfort less severe, you have to follow the recommendations provided by your dentist about taking an over the counter pain medication like Advil containing ibuprofen. If you are feeling the symptoms then you must visit your dentist.

In some cases, patients suffer the deep decay that is close to the nerve of their tooth. In these instances, the nerve could already be infected with bacteria. And even after the filling, there is still a chance to have root canal therapy to get relieved from discomfort.